Interactive experiences

Interactive experiences


Pop walk
Past the cinema room, you'll be able to follow our historical pop walk. Visual imagery, sound clips and interactive technology provide a narration through the history of Norwegian pop music and pop culture over the past century.
Tip: As you make your way up, you'll notice that on the left-hand side, we've portrayed performers and artists within each genre and era. On the right-hand side, you'll find the developments that were taking place in the background within society, media and technology.

When you’ve completed the pop walk, you will come to our “Urørt Eggs.” Stick your head inside the bulbs to check out the highly recommended, up-and-coming and unsigned artists who’ve been picked up by the online platform urø, a branch of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation, NRK. “Urørt” is a Norwegian abbreviation for “untouched”, i.e. unsigned artists.

Map stations
Touch the table screens to browse through Oslo's countless concert venues over the years. Click the icons for in-depth information, footage and film clips.
Recommended: ‘Hit factory 1965’ and ‘Musikkpaviljongen 1913’.

Artist stations
Touch the screens to browse through our vast catalogue of Norwegian artists of the past century. Touch, listen, watch, read and enjoy!

Stage fright
Have you ever walked onto a stage in front of a screaming audience? Steady your nerves and strike your best pop star pose in front of a lively crowd!

Do it yourself - recording studios
Step into one our studios to record a Norwegian hit or create your own composition. You will also find a collection of English cover songs in our catalogue.
Further instructions on site. Our staff will be happy to assist you, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Our temporary exhibitions vary in size, content and theme.
Previous exhibitions include Norwegian Black Metal, Children’s author and composer Thorbjørn Egner, Entertainer and guitar virtuoso Øystein Sunde and Underground Punk, House and Hip hop. Please ask our staff about our current exhibition.

Pop memorabilia
Take a trip down memory lane with our collection of rare pop treasures, including awards, interviews, instruments and technical equipment.

Do it yourself- photo studio
Create your own unique pop star look from our “pop star” wardrobe! Once you’re ready to capture the perfect record cover, please read the instructions provided.

Do it yourself- mixing & editing desks
Mix your own recording and create a design for your record cover.
Further instructions on site.

Time machine
Travel back in time with the click of a button and experience the inside of a typical Oslo household through the decades from the 1900s to the present day.

TV corners
Watch music videos, live concert footage, films and TV programmes from our vast catalogue.

Ego Eggs
Chill out in our “Ego Eggs”, browse online music sites and listen to your own studio recording.



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