The music never stops at Popsenteret

The music never stops at Popsenteret


Popsenteret isn’t quite like other museum. As well as giving you a fascinating history of Norwegian pop music from 1904 until today, you can become a popstar for the day.

Popsenteret is an urban museum and experience center of popular music, full of engaging interactive experiences, exhibitions and DIY studios.

With something for all ages, the centre permanently exhibits the vast and rich history of Norwegian popular music from 1904 onwards. Temporary exhibitions explore specific artists like a-ha, Wenche Myhre, Röyksopp and Sigrid, time periods or genres.

We also make use of cutting-edge audio-visual technology in both our permanent and temporary exhibits.

Popsenteret has its own sound proof studios where you record a hit song from their archives, or sing and mix your own composition. After that, you can even dress up like a true popstar and do a photoshoot for your album cover. The recordings and pictures you produce are downloadable from the centre’s website.

As if that isn’t pop starish enough for you, a popular temporary exhibition called FUZZ! – The technology that changes music - lets you test your skills with real instruments.

English signage and subtitles throughout the exhibition.

English guided tours during the summer holiday at 11.00 am every day - ends August 19th. For more info follow this link: GUIDED TOURS

Music is essential in everyone´s life – it connects us across borders of countries, culture, religion, politics and age. At Popsenteret you can experience music and music history that you, in one way or another, will recognise from your own life history irrespective of under what skies you were born.



Sentralbord : 22 46 80 20 (9-16 / 11-17)


Tirs - Fre: kl. 10:00 - 16:00
Lør - Søn: kl. 12:00 - 17:00
Mandag: Stengt

Stengte dager 2020

NYTTÅR: 1.-5. jan

PÅSKE: 9.-13 april

MAI: 1, 17, 21, 31 

JUNI: 1 

JULI: 6.-31.

JUL: 23. des -3. jan

Utleie/event : Hver dag til 02:00


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